We’re dedicated to improving the physician’s revenue. Our goal is to provide the busy healthcare professional with a very powerful, yet simple and easy to use medical mobile billing service. It allows you to continue to use your accustomed biller or transfer to our personalized partner biller. We provide you a way to easily capture your patient’s medical billing information by selecting an accurate diagnosis, CPT, and E/M code, and synchronize to your biller. If you do not have a biller, we are there to provide that as well. Whether you are billing hospital consultations or procedures requiring CPT code entry, we make your patient billing a straightforward, and easy to use, process.

We are committed to our physicians. We want to help doctors better serve existing patients, find new ones, and build their reputations by demonstrating accuracy in diagnosis and proper coding.

We believe that doctorPal builds for the physician; every Doctor is our Pal.

We've created doctorPal to reflect these beliefs, and to be available to you, anytime and anywhere.

A physician’s quest to make billing easier, paperless, and free from cumbersome index cards, facesheets and stickers.

doctorPal began with the realization that there is NO easy to use mobile billing app available on the current market that functions across hospital systems. 99% of physicians and their extenders gather facesheets or patient stickers after they see a patient, scribble a diagnosis and E/M code and if it makes it back to the office, hand it to the biller.

As a result, over half of diagnoses are not accurately entered. This is a big problem. A patient’s health condition might be mislabeled since it is the biller’s interpretation of the doctor’s writing. Importantly, lost facesheets or index cards are lost revenue.

Moreover, we wanted to reduce the inefficient and wasteful paper usage in the medical field, due to high usage of lost or misplaced facesheets, index cards as well as paper usage in every process of the medical practice. By the transformation into digitalized medical billing app, we are proud to be one of the first Green Enthusiasts Mover in the medical field.

We created doctorPal to provide a smart solution to this problem — to make patient billing virtual and seamless, allowing the physician what he or she can do best; provide Excellence in Patient Care.

Founded in 2012, doctorPal, LLC. is an offshoot from Colen Ventures, LLC and is a pioneering medical mobile billing application company dedicated to satisfying the increasing demands for seamless mobile billing services in the healthcare industry. The company identifies and applies both established and innovative methods to meet the needs of its clientele, capitalizing on more than 20 years’ industry experience of its key personnel. Its medical billing platform, doctorPal, is both a handheld application and Internet accessible solution that enables healthcare providers to capture charges, enhance documentation, coding and compliance, improve quality of care, increase revenue and communicate digitally with colleagues via a HIPAA compliant stand alone system that aggregates data separately from the hospital system.

In the relatively short period of time since its inception, doctorPal, LLC has secured a roster of prestigious clients, both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. With headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, doctorPal is ideally positioned to increase its presence in the U.S. healthcare market.

doctorPal has made an unparalleled, revolutionary headway into providing a virtual medical mobile billing system that fits a health provider’s needs across hospital systems.

Straight from the heart of Detroit, doctorPal wishes hospitals, doctors and medical corporations to go green in medicine. Gaining national attention, doctorPal LLC wants to show the world that United States of America is leading the world towards a brighter, better, environmentally friendly future!

Our Team:

Here at doctorPal, we work hard, and we play hard. Our team creates a fun filled, educational, and professional atmosphere from sunrise to sunset. Our work is not just a job, but a passion we have created, personalized by every one of our team member’s to present our company to the world with a smile everyday. We are the “Eccentric Genius” family!

Our C.E.O.
Dr. Chaim B. Colen M.D., Ph.D., is an Author, Educator, and Social Media guru. He is a self-taught, technologically savvy doctor, that has pioneered a revolutionary mobile billing app, doctorPal, to further promulgate "going green in medicine".

He enjoys practicing neurosurgery and presenting keynotes and workshops on personal branding, online reputation, medical web development and advanced mobile billing strategy.

Dr. Colen’s interest in medical social media and technology advancement developed as a result of combining his life-long passion for technology and his extensive training in neurosurgery.

After starting his own billing as a Neurosurgeon, he quickly realized the inefficiency of current medical billing in a world of mobile platforms, integrative cloud systems, and advanced applications of Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR). He moved quickly to develop the first medical mobile billing system that integrates OCR.

Originally from New York, growing up with home schooling education in Puerto Rico to later rotating at Harvard University, he has become an internationally known neurosurgeon. He is a tireless leader in multiple medical societies and feels that the doctorPal App will help to promote new technologies into healthcare systems and gain nationwide attention for all to "go green in medicine".

Closely working with the CEO and other personnel the intern will collaborate with ideas, co-publish articles, integrate marketing communications, and expand marketing on innovative ventures.

Interdisciplinary development of creative ideas in push and pull marketing to increase traffic on two of our major LLC website’s traffic to increase company revenue:

1. www.colenpublishing.com

2. www.doctorPal.net

Responsible for blogging and updating Facebook, Blogspot, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts with news of medical discoveries, products and promotions.

Tactics of push marketing will be incorporated into the internship. Utilization of professional verbiage and skills of active communication will be a part of this learning process.

Responsible for researching a variety of target market contacts for future partnership and or collaboration.

Implementation of design and personalization through the use of email blasts to prospective and current clients, and medical societies will expand our clientele. We also seek a consistent role of enthusiasm, ownership and diligence through the upkeep of our marketing strategy.

doctorPal’s unique offering for students is doctorPal University (doctorPal U), an innovative, complementary and meaningful addition to traditional medical curricula that fits easily into any student’s schedule.

Selected medical students from top institutions around the country are personally invited to learn from the doctorPal Billing Expert Network’s best physicians in over 100 specialties.*Potential tax break with resident reimbursement scheme.

We are always looking for new faces! Please fill out the contact information below, and attach your resume. We will get back to you as soon as we can:

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